Settle and Carlisle Masterpiece!

TS Hornby Mag Pix 3
Settle and Carlisle Masterpiece!

Recently The Summit featured on the front page of the January issue of Hornby Magazine as a ‘Settle and Carlisle Masterpiece’.   Many will know that the layout was designed and planned in great detail by the late Brian Draper;  and we’ll take that description as a tribute to his vision (which we were told couldn’t be done), not to mention the skill, hard work and commitment of the YMRG members who made it happen!   Below is a slide show of superb pictures taken for the magazine, and below that the track plan marked with the photo positions in time-honoured fashion.

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TS Hornby Mag Track Plan

YMRG have a busy time coming up with The Summit being exhibited at St Neots – East Anglian MRE in March and Aylesbury Rail-Ex in May.


Warley Show Update

ts-warley-2016-lms-shield Warley 2016 was an excellent show with swathes of excellent railway modelling on show together with strong trade support.  The Summit crew had three very long and wearing days, but this was more than compensated by the excellent hospitality offered by the Warley MRC, and by the very favourable response  from visitors and fellow exhibitors alike.  Icing on the cake was to receive the LMS Society Award for the best LMS exhibit in show!

The CCTV setup used on The Summit was photographed by Steve Flint for a future Railway Modeller article and the The Summit Layout Co-ordinator Dave S was video interviewed by BRM magazine.

Sadly another opportunity for comedy time-lapse photography of the build (5 hours) and take down (2.5 hours) was missed, but then perhaps not!

The Summit at Taunton Railex 2016

The Summit landed in Taunton courtesy of some very clever and consistent packing of a very full 7.5 tonne lorry.  Setup time about was about five hours:



The show was busy throughout the two days.  Trains were run from crack expresses to long lumbering freight trains.  As well as the expected LMS and Midland Region services, there were a number of Eastern Region specials.  A Load Haul Class 60 with container and  ferry wagons also whistled by occasionally bringing things a bit more up to date.



A Terrier with three horse boxes in tow that could have been on the run from Plumpton race course was occasionally seen.  Admittedly our trains are a bit of a mixture as dictated by our members wide interests – but standards may have dropped a little towards the end of two very long days:



The Summit was well received by the many visitors to this very successful and enjoyable exhibition.  We were very pleased to win the Rail-Ex Taunton Cup for best layout as judged by the paying public, the Brian Winter Salver for best signalled layout and the Chairmans Shield as awarded by the SRMC chairman Jack Sully.

YMRG would like to thank the Somerset Railway Modellers Club for the kind invitation and the excellent hospitality at a brilliant venue where we were made most welcome.

19th October 2016

Over the past few weeks the list of jobs needed to get The Summit ready for Taunton and Warley shows have been completed.  This afternoon the The Summit was dismantled and  packed ready for Taunton Railex this coming weekend.

The striking scenery for this very large layout is of lightweight construction and is hung from a spine of more substantially built track boards as can be seen below:


The pictures show the large scenery boards loaded into stillages for transport, together with all the electrical kit a layout like this needs which even includes CCTV and screens for the operators to view the front from the fiddle yard.  Every scenery board is unique, and so are each of the stillages!


Meanwhile work continues on the youth layout, with three boards completed.  Donations of both cash and material  are welcomed for this worthwhile project, and so far these have included a significant quantity of Peco pointwork.

More Hornby three rail was in evidence with a smart Hornby Type 1 being run on the test track, and the usual procession of trains were to be seen on South Junction.

10th August 2016

ts_fettlingWork started on fettling the errant track work at the front of the The Summit. Bob A had marked out those areas of concern on the inner track so we started with one of them. Very hot water soon had the ballast soft enough to manipulate. Three areas were softened and corrected.

Assessing the success of the repairs required some serious train watching…

ts_fettling2Keith then used his ‘tablet’ to film the train going along the outer track which gave us a better idea of where to fettle. At this point we decided that there was too much to change and the decision was taken to leave the outer track as is, fix only major items on the inside track and relay the track after the Warley show and before the East of England one in 2018.

Work continued on Heyno Junction with the repairing of one corner board, the removal of as many screws as possible from the track base so that it can be machine planed before we can start laying cork.   Simon was ably(?) assisted by a limping chairman claiming a sports injury – supposedly!

The youth section commandeered South Junction for a serious running session, whilst Rich continued his road building program on Holly Junction where there is a rumour of a motorway extension.


11th May 2016 – Update

YMRG MAY 2016 007

The main achievement this evening was the completion of the fifth board for Heyno Junction, attaching legs to all boards, and erecting all units to becoming a free-standing unit. Despite appearances this is a 4mm layout not a 7mm branch line! Neither is it going to be entirely in tunnel, it’s just that the profile boards for the scenery have yet to be cut to size.  Once the end boards are made we will be able to judge the full size of what we are creating!

A new youth member paid us a visit and spent most of the evening with us, perhaps he will join as well. Mean time our youth section did a first draft plan of their new layout, over seen by Paul R!

A couple of locos were run in on Mira Road,so that seems to be working OK, as does Gas Works.  A very nice LSWR G16 4-8-0T fresh out of the dirty paint shop ran on the The Summit. A Lima HST with working lights (just one end so far) made an appearance on South Junction.  It’s not clear in the photo, but the leading end sports two yellow marker lights and a near side white headlight which attempts to simulate day time running lights.   This is a DC layout and the rear lights illuminate before the set moves thanks to some devious electronics involving current limiting LM334Z ICs.  Once fitted with separate ICs for the marker lights and headlight this should be true at the leading end too.

27th April 2016

This week Gary was able to attend for the first time for a while. As can be seen some of his modern day stock made an excursion from Halsdon Road to run through the Pennines, nothing unusual, and good to see. He also bought with him some redundant picture boards to be used in the club room.

The welding up of the leg frames for Heyno Junction (HJ) has been completed. Two have had adjustable feet attached, as a template for the rest. The legs will be completed next Wednesday. Then we can sort out their attachments to the boards.
In the HJ workshop board H had its track bed fitted and board G constructed ready for track bed. All these boards now need putting together and on legs so the removable section of fiddle yard can be made.

We have been invited to take Gas Works to the opening of James’ new shop at Hambridge, near the smokery, on 11/12 June 2016. The address is:

DCC Train Automation,

Unit 4 The Courtyard, Bowdens Farm, Hambridge, Somerset, TA10 0BP

On Wednesday we were visited by a possible new member, Paul who models at both extremes, 15 inch and 2mm Fine scale, Hopefully he will pay us further visits as he seemed keen to get involved.

Partial automatic semaphore and colour light signalling using servos controlled from the pointwork setting is now up and running in both directions on South Junction and very good it looks too.  Peter C was still busy with circuit testers but he assured me only to put together a circuit diagram for future reference.

The Summit at Guildex – September 2015

The final push to Telford started last Wednesday when we packed TS up into several stillages and plastic boxes.  The 7.5T truck was collected on Thursday evening and was at CS2 just after 17:30. Just as a matter of interest we measured the length of the truck. It was 1 foot shorter than the one previously measured. Fortunately we can push against the sides of a real van and by 20:00 we had finished loading.


After an uneventful trip we arrived at Telford around 13:30 on Friday. We got our tickets and were marshalled into the hall. 15 minutes later the van was unloaded and on its way to be parked. With most of the team of ten members together by about 14:00, as planned, assembly then started. Four and a half hours later we had finished. The longest part was assembly and levelling of the track boards. We will have to find a quick method for doing this.


For the two days of the show the layout performed without a fault.  Operator error was the cause of most problems. One loco did fail as did a van having its end pulled off in public! Other than that it was compliments all the way. Most pleasing.

At the end of the show we were disassembled, packed up and loaded into the van in two and a half hours. Most of the crew then left for home leaving four members to stay overnight and bring TS back home the next day

YMRG: Summit – Status 23 Oct 2014

Hello All

Boards 3, 4 & 5 have been removed from the front of the layout for sorting out the the ground signals and points. We were a little enthusiastic with the ballasting and need to free them up. The wiring will also be tidied up while we have the chance. It all works, it’ll just look better. Board 5 has been completed.

fettling20timeTwo looms will have additional wires added to them so that the status of the signals on the front of the layout can be seen on the Up and Down control panels by the operators. The operators should also be able to see the state of the front signals on the monitors by the Up and Down control panels.

Although we had set the positions of the cameras to cover the front of the layout, actually mounting one of them in the required position would be difficult. Following a re-arrangement of the end cameras to point towards the ends not towards the signal box, a committee of two decided that, after viewing the changes on the screens, the changes were successful. The cameras are also easier to mount in their new position.

strip20lightingTwo strings of LED lights were obtained, one white and the other warm white. At £7 each they are not expensive. They were mounted in a white piece of guttering. Once we had found a suitable power supply, each 5m length uses 4A at 12V, we were able to light up part of The Summit to a reasonable level. Warm white was used in the gutter and the next try will be with a strip of white and warm white. It was also decided that what ever support and light we use that it will be usable for all other layouts in CS2.

That’s all for now. See you all sometime.