March 2020

March 2020

Huge progress was made earlier in the month on Prestleigh Viaduct and the new scenery boards for Evercreech New.  The updated layout page with further pictures can be found here.


In what are proving to be ‘interesting times’ our safely spread out members have been busily enhancing their mental well-being with a bit of railway modelling.  It goes without saying that our planned Open Day in July has been postponed.  To illustrate what is proving to be a productive period for the membership there follows a selection of photos from my e-mail inbox:

Progress on the 7mm GT3 for Bob Alderman showing the chassis laser cut from MDF with brass hornblocks being fitted:

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A beautiful scratchbuilt Midland Deeley 4-4-0 taking shape – nothing even remotely wonky on this model!


A GWR Diag N6 horse box emerging from a box it will never fit back into.


An LMS coach completing a rake of coaches for a Manchester train from Kingsferry.

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Early days for a 7mm Peco Toad.


Some seriously balmy weather encouraging some members out into the garden, but probably not a lot further.


Many of our members are busy in their gardens and I’ll finish with a seasonal photo of a home made propagator basking in the glorious Spring sunshine – perhaps looking for its next meal?!SRS_2020-03-23_344



February 2020

February 2020

Another long gap between updates, but with Christmas and New Year well out if the way it’s suddenly time for the YMRG AGM.  This will be the last update with DaveS as Chairman, and time for someone new to boldly chair us into what will be a busy year with South Junction going out twice and Halsdon Road going out for the first time in its extended form at least.   Not to mention scenics for Evercreech New, and all that track laying on Heyno Junction to do…

Track laying continues apace on Heyno Junction and The Bank (TB).  If it’s a race between them to get a loco to complete a circuit, then our money is on TB at the moment.


The Holly Junction crew got the lights to work under the scenic cover of their fiddle yard, and very bright they are too.

It was easier for Peter to remove the viaduct board of South Junction to sort out the wiring for the new signals.  Pictures show the board out of position and also some of the excavation needed to fit the signal and the rather fine bracket signal that is being fitted.    Peter is also in the process of adding a replacement operating mechanism for further end of the viaduct crossover – after only 35 years the original scale functional point rodding (with temperature compensation) now has too much cumulative wear to throw the point fully.

The huge job of painting Prestleigh Viaduct is now well advanced and it has been removed from its baseboard so that the underside can be painted and weathered.  And yes, Dave H is standing inside the baseboard – just shows how slim he is!    Not to be copied we also show the correct way to hold the very large and hot soldering iron so that should it slip, someone else’s hand will get burnt not yours.  Good health and safety to the fore at CS2!


New member Robert hasn’t hung around since joining us and EN has had its front extension made and fitted as a result!   The scheme for the rear scenic boards has also been produced, and at this rate it won’t be long before they make an appearance too.  T-nuts and bolts have been purchased for attaching the boards to the EN originals.


Just before Christmas we have Bob operating the completed Hobson’s Brewery with joystick helped by Dave H – more details here.

And finally Allan has completed his Kingsferry layout and very good it looks too – just those two viaducts to paint on Evercreech New to keep him out of trouble now!

All Set for Taunton Rail-Ex

Very much in line with the  ethos of the club, what are probably the largest baseboards in the UK travelling together on the same giant stillage, with four normal sized boards for company.  This behemoth (which is the size of a small family car) will hopefully be lifted into the 7.5T lorry via the tail lift – which seem to be shrinking just as we need them to grow!



Evercreech New will be exhibited as a work in progress – this not being the first unfinished YMRG layout to debut at a Taunton Show!   There will be no layout lighting, no backscene, and our ambitious scenery is incomplete.  What we will have is the finished station area, and a representative ‘Speedy & Delightful’ weekday service with the prospect of DCC sound and all operated via tablets and smart phones.

August 2019

August 2019

Doesn’t time fly, and despite the lack of updates to this website, much is happening in the largest model railway shed in the west!   In July we had a very successful Open Day with fantastic catering, lots of favourable comments and some new members.

A few weeks ago the BBC Points West team visited CS2 to film a feature on Bob Alderman, who had lost his voice through MND, being given his voice back by his son David.  A shortened version of the clip is here.  It’s a heartwarming story, and there are trains, but not as many as in the longer clip that was broadcast.

In preparation for the upcoming appearance of The Summit at Fareham Railex in early October, Evercreech New has been taken down and The Summit re-erected for some remedial work and to play trains.

Work on Evercreech New continues however ready for its appearance at Taunton Railex in late October.  EN_PV_IMG_3771Painting of Prestleigh Viaduct continues with the MDF now primed and painted in a mortar colour.  The engineering brick colour will be dry brushed on, with individual bricks picked out in green and brown, and finally the mortar runs applied.   A test piece is shown showing the stages that will be required to achieve the effect we want.  Prestleigh Viaduct was a very scruffy item close up!

Previously it has been stated in this blog that the widened side of Pecking Mill was on the south side which has even sized arches on brick piers.  Following perusal of OS maps from before and after the widening it is now clear that the viaduct was widened on the north side where the uneven arches are founded on stone piers.  This would explain the presence of what are now obviously the old abutments at the end of the blind arch, the north side being narrower than the south side, and the need to use uneven arch spacings on the north side to make up for the skew of the road crossing.  What threw us was use of brick for the original  piers and stone for the piers on the widened side.

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The card etches for the brickwork on Pecking Mill Viaduct have been drawn up ready for laser etching.  However much closer to the bleeding edge of home based technology;  the long girder bridge spans for the A371 crossing and short spans for the adjacent occupation bridge have both been drawn using QCad and OpenSCAD.   The longer A371 span is the featured image at the top of the page, and a capture of the 3D render for Allen’s bridge is shown above, with the base of the rear girder rebated to fit the plywood trackbed.  Both spans are heavily skewed, but in opposite directions.  These girders will be printed using stereolithography in a resin bath.  The print will include the distinctive walkway supports using details lifted from the surviving girder bridge at Radstock.  The walkway support without the upright is behind one of the brick piers due to the extreme skew.  The girders at Pecking Mill differ from the surviving bridge at Radstock in that they have a deeper girder, three handrails and a wider walkway.

Also taking shape at the Pecking Mill End is the farm occupation bridge known to a select few as ‘Allen’s Bridge’.  No laser cutting for this chap just a pull saw, plane and rasps.  There was very little splay on the wing walls to the south, but a much larger splay on the north side.

Tracklaying has started on Heyno Junction, with the right hand picture showing the laser etched mock up of the Heyno Junction trussed girder bridge installed for Open Day.  Our ambitious plan is to 3D print the truss frame and bracing to achieve the more open effect of the real thing.  An interesting challenge as we only have detailed drawings from the original build – and we will be modelling it after the 1961 rebuilding.  This raised the track to put it in a ballast trough, and required the original top bracing to be placed on uprights and otherwise modified to restore sufficient headroom.

HJ_IMG_0121Holly Junction has gained a splendid canal lock complete with narrow boat entering; this will lift what is now a canal into a marina complete with suspension bridge over.

KF_IMG_3770Amongst the privately owned layouts there is an update to Kingsferry where the station area is now – allegedly – complete.

In the near future will be a long overdue update on Verwood with some upgrades to the Black Motor, an actual model of the rail-built LSWR loading gauge and a 3D CAD design for the  distinctive yard crane, plus potentially an alternative column design for the upcoming Modelu LSWR platform lamp.


Of Viaducts and Other Things

Of Viaducts and Other Things

In the absence of our esteamed Chairman on his extended trip to the very edge of the British Isles, lots of progress has been made on Pecking Mill and Prestleigh Viaducts.  The Pecking Mill carcass that was designed in QCad has now been expensively laser cut.  On Wednesday the track bed was removed from the connecting board and taken up into the Mendip foothills to be have the viaduct built onto it.


This side is the original viaduct with the two smaller arches – rather nice.


This is the more regular side that was built on when the line was doubled and that the public will see.  Streams run through the left arch and the centre arch on the right, the road goes through the middle.  The real thing of course is only on a very slight curve at the Evercreech New end so adjustments to the piers have been made to place the whole on an even curve.


When the line was widened the original small arch was blocked to become a blind arch.  Also showing is the aluminium plate joining two sections of trackbed together that replaced a 9mm ply splicing plate – doh!


At the other end the two mismatched arches that resulted from the widening exercise.  Counter intuitively the original bridge was narrower than the extension.


Amazingly for a one off everything fitted!  The next step is to apply the parapet wall inner lining and the piers/buttresses on the outside ready for cladding in a right old mixture of stone and blue brick.

IMG_0862The cladding is well advanced on Prestleigh, although one mistake has crept in on the pier cladding, but nothing we can’t live with.  An attempt has been made to represent the red brick repairs that had been made to the north east face of the viaduct which will face the public on our model.  Both the blue and orange laser etched card will be toned down in due course.  This is actually the widened side (brick piers), but some poor quality stone.  In this context it is interesting to note that it was the ‘new’ side of Bath Road Viaduct that collapsed in 1946!


And the side (with the stone piers) that could be seen from the main road.  Experiments are now being made to work out how best to paint the card, plastic and MDF used to get the right effect including the heavy lime mortar staining.

IMG_0866In other news Holly Junction is gaining a canal.







Refurbishment of South Junction continues in readiness for Open Day.

Heyno Junction is having cork applied, the N gauge layout gets ever longer with ever more track being laid, and ballast is being beautifully applied to Jim’s 0 gauge plank.

March 2019

March 2019

EN_IMG_0840Sausages!  We are always amazed at the fund of (an adjective escapes us here) knowledge that the members of the Yeovil Model Railway Group have and can conjure up at a moments notice to enlighten the inexhaustible quest for  knowledge of the rest of the membership!


So what happened to the delicious Palethorpes?  In 1969 the company was bought by the Bibby Group who sold it on to Haverhill Meat Products which then became part of Northern Foods.  It was then passed on to an outfit called Vision Capital. The various owners stopped using the Palethorpes name in 1986.  The vans will be run with some horse boxes to add a little levity.

It appears to be the cork laying season in CS2.  Both Heyno Junction and the N gaugers (NGs) are at it.  Simon will be looking for volunteers to assist him with the corking of Heyno Junction.  It must be British Summer Time at last as the NGers have come out of hibernation from the workshop and set up two of their boards at the end of the main room!

And so to Evercreech New.  Prestleigh Viaduct continues to be clad and some gravity defying shots show the progress being made.   Pictures show use of laser etched card (blue) and MDF, also Slaters stone and brick sheets.

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With 13 weeks to Open Day we need to get the track laid on the new boards soonest so we can at least run trains, oh, as well as continuing with cladding and Pecking Mill arch generation.

Finally some of the terra-forming that’s been going on at the Pecking Mill end of the layout.  Those of the membership who know Douglas will see him at the back of the last two pictures.

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January 2019

January 2019

Despite the recent lack of updates there’s plenty going on in CS2 on our Wednesday afternoon and evening sessions.  This week we had a visit from two possible new members, Lance (4mm 00) and Dean (N Gauge).  Each were shown round and appeared to enjoy themselves.  Hopefully they will return.


Alan and Paul R were doing some remedial track work on their bit of N gauge layout in the warmth of the workshop.  They also put together a small test rig for a Peco point motor and switch.  It’s to check that the throw is adequate and that the switch works. The test was a success.



Ratcliffe Street had its high level track removed. Nigel has decided that a redeveloped high level will give better access for loco shuffling off stage.

Peter continues to fix the foundations of some of the buildings on South Junction as well as continuing to seal up the bottom of the side wall in CS2. John S brought along some of his recently acquired EM gauge locos for test running on South Junction. Roy appeared to enjoy running them.

hj_img_9716Heyno Junction (HeJ) boards continue to be produced.  Just one more board and HeJ will have a continuous circuit. Soon be cork laying time!






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Much progress has been made with Evercreech New’s Prestleigh viaduct. Pictures  show the build up of the piers, with good use of the library’s facilities, and in position, culminating in the sides being screwed to the trackbed, and the inner parapet glued in held in place by just a handful of clips. Featured image today is our first attempt at a ‘map’ of what goes where on the cladding of the scruffier side of the viaduct facing you the punters – much of which will be laser etched.


At the other end, Pecking Mill, a flat area was made for the bridge to be built on. What is required is a photo excursion to the remains of Pecking Mill to take pictures for the model to be made.

With the Yeovil Model Show looming in March, we need to check out Gas Works well before then, so, volunteers for that job please so we can make start this week.