Rolling Stock

A selection of Members Models of Rolling Stock – and that includes something that looks and behaves much like an EMU, but definitely isn’t one.


Probably the first Kernow/Bachmann 4TC unit to be converted to EM Gauge, the gory process detailed here.  Here pictured on South Junction.


A rare, and beautifully painted and weathered, Mallard Models double slip in 00 Gauge on Kingsferry.

A Selection of 0 Gauge Stock All Intended for The Summit:


The new brake van for the unfitted goods train for The Summit. Model made from a Parkside kit which when together well.

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Theses two wagons were winner and runner-up in the 2016 Chairman’s Cup.  Well done to JohnL  who claims his two entries were the first wagons that he had ever painted. Add to this that John is primarily a 4mm modeller a fantastic effort!


Oil Tanks DSCN2748These Slaters O gauge tank wagons were started by BobA
and completed by PeteC, details here.


lms meat

An L M S meat van from a Parkside Dundas kit.


Southern Railway 10T open wagon that a needed a repair to an axlebox.  This wagon was built by Bob A, and worth a really close look since the weathering is a work of art.

Johns Siphon H

The first of five new bogie vans for The Summit parcels train. A model of an ex-Great Western Siphon H built from an Ian Kirk kit.



The second a model of a Gresley 52′ 6” non corridor bogie van. The prototypes were built specially for the Great Eastern section owing to sort bays and sidings inherited by the L. N. E. R. at grouping. Most other Gresley parcels vans were 61′ 6” long.   The model is from an Ian Kirk kit and when pictured awaited weathering

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The third.  An Ian Kirk kit of a Gresley 52’6″ full brake which is a corridor version of the second vehicle.   Only two were built for the GE section, much to the chagrin of one Australian GOG member who built four models!

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Now for something entirely different.  Photos taken during construction of a model of an ex-LMS 42ft bogie utility van from an A&D ‘etched’ Plasticard kit which cost all of £18 excluding bogies, buffers, solebars and vents. Time consuming but quite satisfying.