A selection member’s models of locomotives and even an odd sort of multiple unit, some of them still works in progress:


WD 2-8-0 in 7mm 0 Gauge Finescale


YMRG Club Competiton 2016 4

7mm finescale ‘O’ gauge BR ex-LMS 2P 4-4-0 from a David Andrews kit. It was largely built as it comes out of the box; no extras unless you count the makers and smokebox number plates. It is fully compensated on the loco whereas the tender is sprung and has split axle pick-ups.   The loco has no pick-ups at all.    This was Bob Alderman’s winning entry for the 2016 Locomotive Cup.



Full length Lima HST in EM Gauge



Drummond Black Motor in EM Gauge, a Jidenco kit
with replacement Perseverance Chassis.


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Photographed rather inappropriately at Evercheech New, this 0 Gauge finescale model of Turbomotive was built from a David Andrews kit which as usual for a D. A. kit went together with no problems.  The wheels are Slaters as are the gearbox and motor unit. The paint is Humbrol and the letters and lining are from the HMRS Range.


Ford railbus

A brace of Ford railbuses at St. Martin’s Wharf



Bachmann 4MT Mogul in EM Gauge.



Maunsell W Class in EM Gauge; a Jidenco kit
with replacement SE Finecast Chassis.

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Heljan Class 33/1 in EM Gauge.
This model has the brilliant Penbits Sprung Conversion, details here.


YMRG May 2017 008

Dick’s Ex-GER J70 0-6-0 Chewable Tram Engine in Finescale 0 Gauge.
‘Toby’ has been seen at club nights and even exhibitions!