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Ours is a progressive and friendly club where members are only too pleased to help others who would like to progress in the hobby. Whether it’s a loco that’s broken, a DCC chip that’s not working, a building that needs to be made to look more realistic, a ready-to-run model that needs modifying or a kit that needs building, bashing and weathering, (in all scales from 2mm to 7mm) – there will be members who have ‘been there, done that’, and will  be happy to help.

Our members have taken layouts and demonstrations to exhibitions all over the country including Warley, Guildex and ExpoEM.  At over 7000 square feet we feel we must have one of the biggest club rooms in the UK with some of the largest scenic layouts anywhere. One of these is a substantial new finescale 00 gauge scenic layout which will be wired for DCC control and will be used to run full-length trains – this could be straight from the current crop of superb ready-to-run models straight out of the box!

Our spacious club rooms are available to full members seven days a week, but most members attend on Wednesday afternoon and evening to work on layouts, when we have the undoubted benefit of a visiting ice cream van!   Most then go on to our local hostelry for refreshment between the afternoon and evening sessions.  For some the evening ends back at the pub for lively wide-ranging and usually non-railway discussions.

The YMRG Blog

January 2021

The start of another year, still in lockdown, CS2 still shut, but with the hope that the huge vaccination effort will eventually bear fruit. Plenty of bad weather still to be expected and therefore lots of scope for railway modelling – many previously legitimate distractions being out of bounds! The month kicked off with us … Continue reading January 2021

December 2020

There has been much club activity over the year, but none recently in CS2.  Covid-19 had already made it a difficult year for a very sociable hands-on club, and then to compound our pandemic related woes, we received out of the blue a large back dated demand for business rates from South Somerset District Council.   As a result we have spent … Continue reading December 2020

November 2020

On the 5th November several of the EN team met to get the viaduct back into running order as a last protest against the impending lock down. We did it – both tracks are now wired and running well ready for balasting. Traffic seen included a 9F, the prototype Deltic, Dave H’s 990 4-4-0 with … Continue reading November 2020

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