In the run up to the appearance of Evercreech New at the Bath & West Showground a huge amount of scenic work was carried out on the Prestleigh Viaduct board. This board is the size of a small car, albeit a very strangely shaped one!

What a difference!

Normans’ Bridge is the scenic break at the Shepton end of the model and the model was completed during an extended stay in Wimborne from where Shepton stone was recalled as having a greenish tinge that simply isn’t evident in the real location where the stone is somewhat browner in hue. Hopefully a brown wash will fix that! The wing wall capping is of an unusual design, but those level sections can still be seen on surviving under and overbridges along the Bath Extension.

Normans’ Bridge ‘planted’ on the layout. The arches are sections of 110mm drainage pipe which just happen to be the correct radius.

Above Normans’ Bridge is the wooden fence that had been insisted on by the Farmer Norman in charge when the line was built, so that his cattle wouldn’t be spooked by those ferocious steam ginnies.

Over a long weekend in April the collective YMRG membership were involved in transporting, erecting and operating Evercreech New in support of Heaton Lodge at the Royal Bath and West Showground. Heaton Lodge can be seen in the background, Evercreech New in the foreground.

A closeup of Prestleigh Viaduct (and that elusive farm) from sort of balcony launched drone. After three very successful and trouble free days of exhibiting, members continued to rally round to take down, reload the 7.5T lorry and unload it back at the club house. One aspect of large 7mm scale layouts is the volume and weight of the rolling stock required to operate it all to be taken back to homes in member’s vehicles.

In other news the Claude Hamilton build continues with the Westinghouse pump. First up is one of those on something apple green that is very real, but not a Claude Hamilton. And John’s Claude – showing what is possible on 7mm scale model!

Allan H has completed his superb 4F to run on “Evercreech New”. Genuinely his first attempt at any locomotive – all his own work too. Not only beautifully finished, it runs as well as it looks!

The battered Wills T9 was finished as Bournemouth loco 30304, and returned to its owner after a longish delay due to problems with the DCC wiring. Full story of the build is on Western Thunder. Happily there is a photo of this loco with Southern in sunshine lettering and Gill Sans number as this was an unusual combination. With twin beam compensation and High Level motor and gearbox running quality is more like a bogie coach than a loco.

A donor Hornby cab interior – an excellent upgrade for a Wills T9:


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