April and May Update

Halsdon Road from The Summit

It’s been a while since the last update, but much progress is being made in the run up to our Open Day in July.   First of all the long awaited re-organisation is in progress with Halsdon Road, Evercreech New and The Summit all re-located.   The drawings for the new baseboard to join Evercreech New to the The Summit fiddle yards are complete with baseboard construction planned to start after our Open Day in July.


DS_May17_002At a recent ‘official’ club visit to the ever helpful James at DCC Trains Automation a Z21 control unit was selected and subsequently tested successfully on our newly adopted 00 gauge Diesel Maintenance Depot layout.  This layout will be wired for DCC as a test bed for Evercreech New and this control unit will also be used to control Evercreech New.

YMRG May 2017 011

Holly Junction continues to progress with progress on all fronts and a dazzling display of lighting all individually switched, although clearly not on this occasion.

With a number of new and existing members having N gauge interests, a meeting of like minds is planning a 20′ by 10′ N gauge layout.  As one of these members is involved in planning the re-organisation of the club room, finding space should not be a problem!



YMRG May 2017 009Construction of Heyno Junction baseboards continues apace despite moving onto the well charted but weird and wonderful shaped boards that will complete the circuit at each ends.




SJ tree 20170508_114614_resizedThe selective re-inforcement of the South Junction MDF fiddle yard boards is now complete with trains moving much more smoothly again.  Attention is turning to the revised lighting arrangements, the stillages for transport and a crash barrier for errant HSTs next to the scrap yard.  A backscene is being added to improve presentation and some state of the art trees are in preparation for this venerable EM gauge layout.





YMRG May 2017 001

Following on from the last blog our two Railway Modeller cups posed on The Summit, the larger for 2017 and The Summit. The smaller the 1997 one for Gas Works.



YMRG May 2017 008


Sadly this little fella also seen on the The Summit probably isn’t in contention for any award.   Whilst this could be seen as an innovative solution to the expense of 0 gauge locos; is it really right to deprive the family hound of a much loved plaything?




1st March 2017

The Summit has won The 2016 Railway Modeller Cup Competition!  This was the 64th edition of the annual poll for the most popular article.  Voted on by the readers it apparently won by some margin; many thanks go to all those who took the time out to take part.  It is the first time an O gauge layout has won since 1997, and that was won by Gas Works!  The results in full will be in April’s edition.

Evercreech New will be an alternative DCC front (rather than analogue) for The Summit fiddle yard.  It has been decided that it will feature brand new models of the Pecking Mill Viaduct and Inn at one end and a near full length representation of Prestleigh Viaduct at the other.  All will feature on the new boards required to link the original station boards with the fiddle yard.  In the meantime The Summit will be re-erected and trains can be run again.

Wednesday saw all hands on deck;  two fiddle yard boards for Heyno Junction were constructed with one more to go, the track beds will then need stiffening and the removable scenic covers fabricated. Completion of these two boards will mean that over half of the boards of this large 00 gauge layout will have been built!

Nearly twenty years ago when the South Junction fiddle yard was re-modelled to eliminate conflicting moves MDF was used as it was the latest wonder material!  Two of the boards, one filleted to carry the flyover, and the other bearing a heavy control panel have subsided slightly and were removed for reinforcing with ply. Surgery is almost complete on the flyover with one board still to go. Whilst the boards were down the opportunity was taken to start the painting of the welded steel legs. Work also continued on the backscene which has done much to improve the appearance of this venerable EM gauge layout.

Gas Works boards were aligned so that it can now be run, and further civil engineering took place on Holly Junction with more street lighting in place.


1st February 2017

The Summit fiddle yard has been erected with a view to attaching Evercreech New as an alternative front.  There is a quite a gap and a considerable height difference at both ends of Evercreech New.  It seems that there is nearly enough room for Prestleigh viaduct providing much food for thought…   Whilst the new connecting boards are designed and built The Summit running lines will be restored so that we can play trains again!

Work on the scenics for Holly Junction continues apace.  A new building appeared yesterday so another light and oil drum fire will be needed.   Meanwhile JL ballasted away ’til he lost the will!

The youth section boards were assembled and moved to their new location.  Lots of help and encouragement needed now so that their layout progresses.

South Junction is scheduled to visit Taunton Show in October this year; Peter has e-mailed a substantial to-do list for which he has requested help.  One item is more trees; as Hayno Junction will need lots perhaps a tree making workshop with a Tree Guru is in order; any volunteers?  Other items include extending the backscene and LED lighting to replace the flourescent tubes that were the latest thing when it was first exhibited in the mid-80’s.

The faulty relay on Gas Works has been located and replaced so it can now be put back up on its legs. There is a move to replace the filament lights with cooler LEDS, which will improve operating conditions at summer exhibitions.

Two more Hayno Junction boards have now been built and are on legs. We are now building the board with the flyover in co-ordination with Bob A. This is now coming to a point where the layout needs its permanent home so that the final slightly bespoke boards can be made.  This will require the long-delayed re-organisation of the club room to take place…

Next week is the AGM 8.00 pm.  Do not miss this exciting event!!

Warley Show Update

ts-warley-2016-lms-shield Warley 2016 was an excellent show with swathes of excellent railway modelling on show together with strong trade support.  The Summit crew had three very long and wearing days, but this was more than compensated by the excellent hospitality offered by the Warley MRC, and by the very favourable response  from visitors and fellow exhibitors alike.  Icing on the cake was to receive the LMS Society Award for the best LMS exhibit in show!

The CCTV setup used on The Summit was photographed by Steve Flint for a future Railway Modeller article and the The Summit Layout Co-ordinator Dave S was video interviewed by BRM magazine.

Sadly another opportunity for comedy time-lapse photography of the build (5 hours) and take down (2.5 hours) was missed, but then perhaps not!

9th November 2016

This week we finally had Bob A’s big quiz. 25 difficult questions won by esteemed Treasurer/anorak Jim A. Well done!  Bob A has also completed the replacement signal to be located backing onto the bridge.

Work continued in preparation for The Summit trip to Warley NEC at the end of the month.  Each of the eight colour coded stillages used to transport the layout is being assigned to a stillage manager who will be required to wear an appropriate coloured beanie hat.  Two hats have yet to be assigned. Unassigned members to form an orderly queue – just one hat each please.  At the end of play there was still some work to do on two of the stillages.

Ed P and Keith spent some of the evening installing the new trackwork/points on Yeovil Town.  Otherwise we re-organised the workshop so construction of more baseboards for Heyno Junction can commence.  The jig and plans for board Q are in position.

The Summit at Taunton Railex 2016

The Summit landed in Taunton courtesy of some very clever and consistent packing of a very full 7.5 tonne lorry.  Setup time about was about five hours:



The show was busy throughout the two days.  Trains were run from crack expresses to long lumbering freight trains.  As well as the expected LMS and Midland Region services, there were a number of Eastern Region specials.  A Load Haul Class 60 with container and  ferry wagons also whistled by occasionally bringing things a bit more up to date.



A Terrier with three horse boxes in tow that could have been on the run from Plumpton race course was occasionally seen.  Admittedly our trains are a bit of a mixture as dictated by our members wide interests – but standards may have dropped a little towards the end of two very long days:



The Summit was well received by the many visitors to this very successful and enjoyable exhibition.  We were very pleased to win the Rail-Ex Taunton Cup for best layout as judged by the paying public, the Brian Winter Salver for best signalled layout and the Chairmans Shield as awarded by the SRMC chairman Jack Sully.

YMRG would like to thank the Somerset Railway Modellers Club for the kind invitation and the excellent hospitality at a brilliant venue where we were made most welcome.