Train Services on the Salisbury and Dorset

Below are some links to a series of tables that attempt to list the peak summer weekday services (WTT) with the stock (CWN) and type of engine required (EWN) for three sample years using a limited set of unmatched tables and notices.  The data is not complete and corrections and additions are most welcome via the comments facility (now enabled).
Salisbury and Dorset Peak Summer Weekdays 1953
Salisbury and Dorset Peak Summer Weekdays 1957
Salisbury and Dorset Peak Summer Weekdays 1960

The following link is to a pathing diagram based on the 1957 passenger WTT and 1956 goods WTT.  This is not ideal; for instance in 1956 the 10.4 am Milford Goods was booked to pass something at Verwood that doesn’t appear in the 1957 passenger WTT!   Does anyone have the goods WTT for 1957?
1957 Summer Pathing Diagram Monday to Friday

This link is to the 1962 WTT (courtesy David Vidler) with engine duties lifted from the 1962 EWN in the Martin White Collection.  All I need is the 1962 CWN to complete the picture.
Salisbury and Dorset WTT 1962

And this is the resulting pathing diagram – rather sparser than in 1957.  The reduction in goods services is remarkable with the two remaining weekday pickup goods trains running Monday, Tuesday and Thursday only and needing less time to shunt at each station.
1962 Summer Pathing Diagram Monday to Friday

It would be interesting to repeat the exercise for peak Summer Saturday workings in 1953, 1957, 1960 and 1962 which lacked the weekday only bucket and spade specials due to the stock being used elsewhere, but did include the much photographed Western Region trains from South Wales, and then to do the same for 1963 for Summer weekdays and then Saturdays when the line had also picked up some services from the Midlands that had been diverted off the other S&D by the Western Region.

My wish list would include 1953 goods WTT and 1953 Engine workings; with the same for 1957 and 1960.  A WTT, CWN and EWN for summer 1963 would also enable a view of the final summer peak service.  Any help with this would be much appreciated.


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