The Summit

deltic20on20summitFollowing on from the success of South Junction there were moves in the group to produce an ‘O’ gauge layout of exhibition standard that kept trains running (a group philosophy!) and most of all could accommodate the ever increasing number of big O gauge locos being built by members.

It was difficult to find a suitable location to base the layout on but eventually the Summit on the Settle to Carlisle line was chosen.  As with South Junction it had no station where trains could stand for hours at an exhibition! but did have sufficient interest with some sidings and provision for a banker…

It is intended that the scenic aspects are dramatic with tall sections behind the track and wide sections at the front which drop down, together with a viaduct, tunnel and bridge will hopefully give the layout the ‘wow’ impact at exhibitions.

This is no quick easy task!  Track has been laid and then pulled up to enable a better curvature to accommodate the intended traffic.  The build does not seem to progress much for weeks or even months then there seems to be a great leap forward.  There has been a first night run of trains around both main tracks and this has been filmed with a copy given to each member for a souvenir.

The summit progress to date is that all track has been laid, wired and tested.  The control and power looms have been made and fitted and scenery has been started yet will be a monumental task in itself.  There are plans for some clever circuits to control the fiddle yard automatically and consideration has been given to signals and interlocks.