Kingsferry – Goods Stock

KF_IMG_4002LNER  gunpowder van from an unknown kit in white metal; LMS van from a plastic Coopercraft kit; GWR van from a Coopercraft kit
KF_IMG_3982GWR  ‘Bloater’ fish van Diag. S8 from a plastic Parkside kit
KF_IMG_3981GWR  ‘low syphon’ milk van Diag. 04 from a brass D & S Models kit
KF_IMG_3976GWR  fish van to Diag. S6 from a plastic Colin Ashby kit;
KF_IMG_3993GWR  ‘Beetle’ prize cattle wagon to Diag. W7 from a plastic Parkside kit
KF_IMG_4003LNER cattle wagon from a plastic Parkside kit; GWR cattle wagon to Diag. W1/5 from a Coopercraft kit
KF_IMG_4004LNER van from a plastic Parkside kit
KF_IMG_4008GWR ‘open C’ wagon from a Ratio plastic kit
KF_IMG_4006LNER and SR open wagons from Cambrian plastic kits
KF_IMG_4007GWR loco coal wagon and tarpaulin wagon from Coopercraft plastic kits