Slaters Oil Tanks in 0 Gauge

Oil Tanks DSCN2748These O gauge tanks were started by Bob A and completed by Peter C.

Slater’s 14T Tank wagon is a very old kit and it shows its age, the chassis consists of plastic mouldings, etched brass axleguards and brake levers along with cast brass tank attachments.  The fit of parts is not up to Slaters later standards, and is quite tricky to assemble square.  The etched axleguards locate on spigots with the wheels fitted on assembly.  As it is preferable to be able to fit the wheels after painting the axle guards were slotted to allow the axleboxes to drop out and be retained correctly by the tiebars.  These were drilled through to the axleguards, with a touch of solder to retain them fully.  Other parts of the etched brakegear were drilled and pinned to the plastic frame, merely glueing per the instructions isn’t  strong enough.  Care is needed when fitting the brake block moulding to clear the wheels as the crank isn’t quite central between the brake blocks.  The levers were fitted on wire through a length of brass tube as a spacer between the ‘V’ hangar and brake moulding.  The cast brass fittings were glued in place, after drilling out the holes to fit the wire tank retainers.

The tank is composed of three mouldings and 2 ends, a good fit is difficult to achieve and required quite a lot of filling.  A piece of steel strip was glued into the tank before the ends were fitted.

The tank and underframe were primed and the underframe painted with Humbrol matt black/leather  The tank and supports were painted with metallic acrylic car paint, transfers are ‘Cambridge Custom Transfers’  sealed with Halfords matt lacquer.

After painting the tank was glued to the underframe and the securing strips and cable fitted.  The wires were bent to tension the straps.  Weathering is still required to be done.

This kit makes up into quite an impressive model, but isn’t suitable for a beginner.