WD 2-8-0 in 0 Gauge Finescale


The inspiration for the model: 90723 photographed clanking it’s way home to Mirfield at Stalybridge West Junction. It came from Stockport via the Hooley Hill line with a pickup freight. It picked up a few wagons in Stalybridge and then went up the old line to Greenfield to take on the Oldham traffic.  This Wagon and Carriage Works kit was started many moons ago, and needed some rework to finish it.


The number plate with a 25G shed plate for Farnley Junction.


Wheels cleaned up.

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Bob O’s WD has been stripped down and the paint removed. Reassembly can now start on the chassis.


Coupling rods repaired and fitted.


Valve gear etc. now fitted to right-hand side.

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The boiler and cab is now loosely on ready for more detailing. I will never again make a model with the footplate attached to the chassis. The engine got heavier as the detail got smaller and more prone to damage!! We all live and learn.

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Chassis finished, oiled and greased and ready for testing.

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The reconstruction and construction is finished. A wash with Bar Keepers Friend a good rinse and a spray with various shades of filth will see it’s completion.