Member’s Layouts

Many of our members design and build their own layouts either as a “never leave home” (NLH) layout or as an exhibition layout.  There are always member layouts under development but in some cases they are complete and exhibited privately.  Members are free to carry out work on their own layouts at the group’s premises (if there is space) as is the case with Haldon Road, Holly Junction and Yeovil Town.

Hobson’s Brewery


Bob Alderman’s compact masterpiece.  Designed to be operated by someone with very limited use of their hands.

Albion Quarry

This layout by Bob Alderman has been exhibited at a number of shows.  It is an excellent model and attracts much interest and praise wherever it has been shown.  It was sold to make way for St Martins Wharf, and has found a new home in North America.



A superb grouping era 00 finescale layout with wonderful scenics, interesting rolling stock with just the right amount of grubbiness.  Beautifully photographed too!  Our most popular layout feature by a country mile.

St Martin’s Wharf

Ford railbus
Ford railbus at St. Martin’s Wharf

Another Bob Alderman masterpiece now in the capable hands of TimW .  This layout is available for exhibitions.


Verwood Road Frontage

An EM gauge layout that will portray the compact station at Verwood on the Salisbury and Dorset line in BR days.  Much use is being made of laser etching and 3D printing on this model.  This minor line generally saw only a sparse cross-country service between Salisbury and Bournemouth, but one that was supplemented by a bucket and spade special to Weymouth on summer weekdays, and inter-regional trains on Summer weekends.  Up to the 1950s two goods trains ran in each direction – one an express goods – some details of services in the period modelled here.

Yeovil Town


An ambitious layout long in gestation, given new life by PaulH who has revamped the scenery and is fully automating the trains with the very latest DCC technology.    It has its very own website here.


Mere from the buffer stop with completely random collection of buildings.

Lastly an ambitious and unfinished EM Gauge layout with a military theme looking for a new home.