St Martin’s Wharf at Exhibitions

A light railway inspired by the Colonel Stephens railway empire. The line is somewhere in East Anglia, the terminus is beside a once navigable river and takes its name from the ruined abbey behind the station. The period is c1930.
The rolling stock follows Colonel Stephens’ principles; there is nothing new, all second or third hand. The age of the stock is reflected in the finish of the vehicle.

st-martins-wharf-planPlan drawn on AnyRail.

The dimensions are: 16 feet long x 3 feet wide.
(The scenery boards are 12 feet long, shown above, the remainder is the fiddle yard.)

The layout has its own supports and lighting.
Four (4) operators are required. This number for the loading/unloading, assembly/disassembly of the layout as a personal mobility issue precludes me doing much towards this.
A single 13A point is required for power. – 5W layout power 320W lighting.
Insurance value: Stock £2900.00, layout £6000.00
Transport in an l.w.b Transit type van; cost circa £300.00 for a weekend plus fuel and second vehicle for operators plus fuel.


More photos can be supplied on request.
Simon Wright (Secretary)
Tel. 07860 107489

Issue 3 – March 2016