Evercreech New

In March 2014 Julian Birley, the originator of the Evercreech New (EN) layout was downsizing. The future of the layout was in doubt. Following consultations with Simon Kennedy acting as an intermediary, it was confirmed with Julian that he thought the idea of the Yeovil Group taking on EN was great as it would have a better opportunity of being seen by people if it is with a club rather than an individual.

EN in its original home at North Barrow.

Dismantling of EN started in July 2014. It took two Wednesday visits to dismantle EN and move it to our clubrooms CS2 (Chicken Shed 2). Only the front of EN was being taken by YMRG.

Our objective now is to graft EN onto the fiddle yard used by The Summit. That will give us two large 7mm layouts available for exhibition. In the meantime EN will be available for static exhibition. It has already been to Evercreech Village hall as part of the 50th anniversary of the closing of the S&DJR.

In the meantime, EN will be rewired and the old Tortoise point motors replaced with servos. Similarly for the signals. EN will also be able to be used as a shunting layout utilising just the station boards and be able to be controlled by conventional DC or DCC controllers.