Evercreech New at Evercreech Village Hall

Evercreech New (EN) had its first outing to Evercreech Village Hall at the Remembering The Railway day – 5th March 2016. The show celebrated the 50th anniversary of the closure of the S&D. It was a show worth attending. We gleaned a lot of information about EN from locals. For instance, there was a deep pond behind the platform (signal box side near the footpath). There were earth works behind the kiln so that horse and carts could take their loads to the top of the kiln and drop them in. One old guy’s horse and cart went over the edge! The lady who was in the pushchair (as a child) in one of the pictures turned up. One lady told us of her trips on the footplate (dad was a driver) to school and worked some of the signals. One gent told us that they used to go to the south bound home signal where detonators were left (saved carrying them there) “borrow” some and take them to the quarry where stones were thrown at them until they exploded. We were also donated some pictures of EN as long as we don’t publish them; copyright owner not known. All in all a well worth outing. Thanks to Julian, Steve, Simon and Dick for helping at the show. Good to see Peter and David Sedgman visiting.

Pictures show shots of EN in the hall. One of these show a picture wall which included a map of where the pictures were taken. This last feature was used a lot by visitors and is now available for us to use with EN in the future.

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