Warley Show Update

ts-warley-2016-lms-shield Warley 2016 was an excellent show with swathes of excellent railway modelling on show together with strong trade support.  The Summit crew had three very long and wearing days, but this was more than compensated by the excellent hospitality offered by the Warley MRC, and by the very favourable response  from visitors and fellow exhibitors alike.  Icing on the cake was to receive the LMS Society Award for the best LMS exhibit in show!

The CCTV setup used on The Summit was photographed by Steve Flint for a future Railway Modeller article and the The Summit Layout Co-ordinator Dave S was video interviewed by BRM magazine.

Sadly another opportunity for comedy time-lapse photography of the build (5 hours) and take down (2.5 hours) was missed, but then perhaps not!

The Summit at Taunton Railex 2016

The Summit landed in Taunton courtesy of some very clever and consistent packing of a very full 7.5 tonne lorry.  Setup time about was about five hours:



The show was busy throughout the two days.  Trains were run from crack expresses to long lumbering freight trains.  As well as the expected LMS and Midland Region services, there were a number of Eastern Region specials.  A Load Haul Class 60 with container and  ferry wagons also whistled by occasionally bringing things a bit more up to date.



A Terrier with three horse boxes in tow that could have been on the run from Plumpton race course was occasionally seen.  Admittedly our trains are a bit of a mixture as dictated by our members wide interests – but standards may have dropped a little towards the end of two very long days:



The Summit was well received by the many visitors to this very successful and enjoyable exhibition.  We were very pleased to win the Rail-Ex Taunton Cup for best layout as judged by the paying public, the Brian Winter Salver for best signalled layout and the Chairmans Shield as awarded by the SRMC chairman Jack Sully.

YMRG would like to thank the Somerset Railway Modellers Club for the kind invitation and the excellent hospitality at a brilliant venue where we were made most welcome.

7th September 2016

Gas Works will be at the Hornby Railway Collectors Association show  on Saturday the 24th September at the Preston Road Methodist Church in Yeovil ( BA21 3JR ) for other layouts and traders see here.

Work continues on The Summit with signals now moved ready and continuous test running of trains ready for Taunton in October.

Evercreech New at Evercreech Village Hall

Evercreech New (EN) had its first outing to Evercreech Village Hall at the Remembering The Railway day – 5th March 2016. The show celebrated the 50th anniversary of the closure of the S&D. It was a show worth attending. We gleaned a lot of information about EN from locals. For instance, there was a deep pond behind the platform (signal box side near the footpath). There were earth works behind the kiln so that horse and carts could take their loads to the top of the kiln and drop them in. One old guy’s horse and cart went over the edge! The lady who was in the pushchair (as a child) in one of the pictures turned up. One lady told us of her trips on the footplate (dad was a driver) to school and worked some of the signals. One gent told us that they used to go to the south bound home signal where detonators were left (saved carrying them there) “borrow” some and take them to the quarry where stones were thrown at them until they exploded. We were also donated some pictures of EN as long as we don’t publish them; copyright owner not known. All in all a well worth outing. Thanks to Julian, Steve, Simon and Dick for helping at the show. Good to see Peter and David Sedgman visiting.

Pictures show shots of EN in the hall. One of these show a picture wall which included a map of where the pictures were taken. This last feature was used a lot by visitors and is now available for us to use with EN in the future.

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The Summit at Guildex – September 2015

The final push to Telford started last Wednesday when we packed TS up into several stillages and plastic boxes.  The 7.5T truck was collected on Thursday evening and was at CS2 just after 17:30. Just as a matter of interest we measured the length of the truck. It was 1 foot shorter than the one previously measured. Fortunately we can push against the sides of a real van and by 20:00 we had finished loading.


After an uneventful trip we arrived at Telford around 13:30 on Friday. We got our tickets and were marshalled into the hall. 15 minutes later the van was unloaded and on its way to be parked. With most of the team of ten members together by about 14:00, as planned, assembly then started. Four and a half hours later we had finished. The longest part was assembly and levelling of the track boards. We will have to find a quick method for doing this.


For the two days of the show the layout performed without a fault.  Operator error was the cause of most problems. One loco did fail as did a van having its end pulled off in public! Other than that it was compliments all the way. Most pleasing.

At the end of the show we were disassembled, packed up and loaded into the van in two and a half hours. Most of the crew then left for home leaving four members to stay overnight and bring TS back home the next day

Gas Works at Seaton – Oct 2014

gasworks20at20seatonThe Seaton Show has come and gone and a good time was had by the chaps who attended. We had taken the HRCA (Yeovil and District) Hornby Dublo 3 rail layout with us as well as Gasworks. Fortunately we had loaded both layouts the night before as the rain came down heavily in the morning. Unloading layouts in the rain is not a pleasant experience but 6 people make it quick and easy.

The show was dominated by railway related stands, 16 in all with one stand each of boats and dolls houses. New friends were made and we can expect some visits to CS2 from them. Both Gasworks and the HD layouts worked well as did John Meakin who was demonstrating locomotive building.


The slick dismantling of both layouts at the end of the show and packing of the van saw us back at CS2 and unloaded by around 5pm. For a week or two we will have the HD layout as a visitor.