10th August 2016

ts_fettlingWork started on fettling the errant track work at the front of the The Summit. Bob A had marked out those areas of concern on the inner track so we started with one of them. Very hot water soon had the ballast soft enough to manipulate. Three areas were softened and corrected.

Assessing the success of the repairs required some serious train watching…

ts_fettling2Keith then used his ‘tablet’ to film the train going along the outer track which gave us a better idea of where to fettle. At this point we decided that there was too much to change and the decision was taken to leave the outer track as is, fix only major items on the inside track and relay the track after the Warley show and before the East of England one in 2018.

Work continued on Heyno Junction with the repairing of one corner board, the removal of as many screws as possible from the track base so that it can be machine planed before we can start laying cork.   Simon was ably(?) assisted by a limping chairman claiming a sports injury – supposedly!

The youth section commandeered South Junction for a serious running session, whilst Rich continued his road building program on Holly Junction where there is a rumour of a motorway extension.



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