19th October 2016

Over the past few weeks the list of jobs needed to get The Summit ready for Taunton and Warley shows have been completed.  This afternoon the The Summit was dismantled and  packed ready for Taunton Railex this coming weekend.

The striking scenery for this very large layout is of lightweight construction and is hung from a spine of more substantially built track boards as can be seen below:


The pictures show the large scenery boards loaded into stillages for transport, together with all the electrical kit a layout like this needs which even includes CCTV and screens for the operators to view the front from the fiddle yard.  Every scenery board is unique, and so are each of the stillages!


Meanwhile work continues on the youth layout, with three boards completed.  Donations of both cash and material  are welcomed for this worthwhile project, and so far these have included a significant quantity of Peco pointwork.

More Hornby three rail was in evidence with a smart Hornby Type 1 being run on the test track, and the usual procession of trains were to be seen on South Junction.


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