14th September 2016

img_8547Construction of the youth layout has started. Paul R has relinquished Layout Co-ordinator (LC) of Heyno Junction and will over see the youth layout until they tell him to go away! Keith will take over as LC of Heyno Junction.

img_8545Richard Capability Brown continues to sculpt the scenery on Holly
Junction while Julian expertly applies the plaster matting on top of the polystyrene.  Scenic progress to date can be seen to the right…

Gas Works will be dismantled this coming Wednesday ready for transportation to Yeovil for the HRCA Yeovil and District exhibition on Saturday 24th September. We will load the van at about 15:30 on the
Friday (23rd). Further details of the show can be found here. Opening time is 10:30 on Saturday.

img_8544Once the HRCA exhibition is over it’s time to finish sorting out The Summit for Railex in October. Apart from some scenic details and train set-ups it is ready to go.  And for those who have not seen the new mounts for TS’s screens…


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