11th May 2016 – Update

YMRG MAY 2016 007

The main achievement this evening was the completion of the fifth board for Heyno Junction, attaching legs to all boards, and erecting all units to becoming a free-standing unit. Despite appearances this is a 4mm layout not a 7mm branch line! Neither is it going to be entirely in tunnel, it’s just that the profile boards for the scenery have yet to be cut to size.  Once the end boards are made we will be able to judge the full size of what we are creating!

A new youth member paid us a visit and spent most of the evening with us, perhaps he will join as well. Mean time our youth section did a first draft plan of their new layout, over seen by Paul R!

A couple of locos were run in on Mira Road,so that seems to be working OK, as does Gas Works.  A very nice LSWR G16 4-8-0T fresh out of the dirty paint shop ran on the The Summit. A Lima HST with working lights (just one end so far) made an appearance on South Junction.  It’s not clear in the photo, but the leading end sports two yellow marker lights and a near side white headlight which attempts to simulate day time running lights.   This is a DC layout and the rear lights illuminate before the set moves thanks to some devious electronics involving current limiting LM334Z ICs.  Once fitted with separate ICs for the marker lights and headlight this should be true at the leading end too.


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