18th May 2016

Hello All

First let me start by sending the YMRG’s best wishes for a speedy recovery to Simon’s son in law who was found at the side of the road by Bradfords on Thursday. He was taken to YDH where Simon spent most of the day. The membership of YMRG hope all is and will be well.

Wednesday started with Niall and myself moving on with the completion of the rewiring of EN’s 4th board. We are now working on the last board. Once the continuity wiring is finished we will attach the point motors. All boards work when connected up to TS’s power loom. We will need to make a separate power loom for working the 5 EN boards as a separate unit.

There was the usual break for Ice Cream. This has become a welcome weekly occurrence a bit like a tea break.

St Martin’s Wharf has now departed to Montacute after its successful début at the Epsom show.

Heyno Junction continues to progress – board E is now nearing completion.

Young James returned this week – we are obviously doing something right in attracting new members. We will probably need 3 or 4 members CRB (or whatever it’s called now) checked for the under 18 members.

Old James was there with his cousin sorting out Paul R’s wiring! Stay cool Mikey, perhaps best to do the wiring on your layout yourself.

Work continued on South Junction. Steve’s HST appears to be working well.

Trains ran as usual on Holly Junction.

That’s it for now.

Regards to all.



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