25th May 2016

Hello All

Me again. Well, changes are afoot. The original website is now dedicated to Yeovil Town and we now have our own new one – www.yeovilmrg.org .which you are reading now.

Wednesday saw HeJ  – let me explain. We have two layouts with the initials HJ, Holly Junction and Heyno Junction. So I’m going to distinguish between them by referring to Holly Junction as HoJ and Heyno Junction as HeJ. Now where was I, ah yes, the prologue – and if you remember that TV show you’re older that you think. Wednesday saw HeJ have another board finished – board E. Work is progressing well on HeJ.

HoJ continues to have scenic items added and lots of running trains.

The youngsters gave a presentation on their proposed layout. Well done chaps, excellent effort. It’s taken them two weeks to do that. How many years has HeJ been on the go – and The Summit (TS).

All continuity wiring has been completed on Evercreech New (EN). The loom has been made and it’s ready for assembly and testing of the assembled layout. That can be done while I’m away. One question – where is that Gaugemaster controller with two controls on it? Can’t find it in CS2 at the moment.


Simon K brought in a copy of the Shepton Mallet Journal from March. On page 14 there is an article on EN when we took it to Evercreech Village Hall for the S&D celebrations. There was no mention of Yeovil Model Railway Group. The paper will be in CS2 in the library if you wish to read it.

Ed made some moving pictures of trains on TS and South Junction (SJ) for the new website.

SJ continues to be fettled and trains run.

Open Day preparations are under way. The toilet is ordered, several catering items have been purchased and a new urn from Odcombe village hall will be used.

DBS checks were discussed. Peter has found someone in Yeovil District Council to pay for some of use to be checked. Excellent work Peter.




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