8th June 2016

A busy evening with many members in attendance plus a few visitors/possible new members.

Holly Junction saw the installation of the first part of Corrie, the play ground and the chippy, developers have their own priorities!   At least they have public transport!!

The youth section have published their track plans, so we now need to arrange finance (Mr Treasurer).  They were also tasked with giving Gas Works a run before James’s shop opening.  One controller required adjusting which once plugged in correctly all was well. I did not know you could plug a DIN plug in the wrong way round, but you can; as was pointed out by young Peter, we will have to watch him!  Anyway Gas Works has now been dismantled and reassembled in James’s shop for the grand opening tomorrow. Rumour has it that there will be opening day bargains and giveaways to be had!

Heyno Junction progressed further with the construction of board K, any way just needs legs and a few stiffeners. Meanwhile Bob A has drawn some scenery profiles on the other boards so we will start trimming next week.

Welton down is to go to MERE for the weekend 18/10 June and Jim A would like some volunteer operators to help out,only those with 20/20 vision or magnifiers need apply.

Congratulations to James for having a picture published in a rail magazine, a DRS class 68 Diesel.

Open Day was discussed so please see Dave’s e-mail on the subject.


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