15th June 2016

Another busy day, with lots occurring.  With Open Day getting very close it was decided to suspend further construction on Heyno Junction once the current board is complete, and the removable top made, so the workshop can be cleared out to make space for Open Day.

June15 005-scaledCorrie continues to develop on Holly Junction, with the appearance of a large white hillside.  There was also the prototype of a road overbridge leading into the town.


Meanwhile prior to the referendum the Kaiser’s trains put in a welcome return.  Was this to persuade the undecided – if so which way?!

DaveJune15 001-scaled Haines visited the club and brought with him a beautiful example of a Wolverhampton Saddle Tank and coaches, nice to admire.

A new member Paul T has signed up and joined the club – welcome.

Otherwise Welton Down departed to Mere for the weekend, and ran well in the hands of Jim, Nigel and Steve.



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