29th June 2016

20160702 cs hej 001
Heyno Junction ready for Open Day

This week work continued in readiness for Open Day.  Heyno Junction was relocated to its new position in the club room although perhaps the wrong way round?  Anyway it looks good for Open Day.




20160702 cs en 001
Wiring Evercreech New ready for Open Day

The main achievement was the positioning of Evercreech New, connecting all the boards and having the Jinty running from end to end without ‘digital’ assistance. Well done all!

Holly Junction continues to develop with further low relief buildings appearing to complete the High Street.  That’s real shops from before the days of charity shops, bookies, nail bars and estate agents!


There are a couple of problems on the curves of the test track, due to the use of Sundeala board, which will be sorted on Wednesday.

Rolling stock has now appeared on Summit, as well as Gas works so all we need is good weather on the day.


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