4th May 2016

Board H on Heyno Junction nears completion with the track boards down. The track boards on G & H need ‘T’ ing.  Dave has completed the legs and two prototype leg attachments have been made; the remainder will be turned out by Bob O in his workshop.  We will then assemble the five boards completed so that we can consider the scenery.  Only 21 to go!

Gas Works has been switched on and track cleaned to get things running as it will be needed several times in the next few months, but only once we found the switches to operate the points from the back!   Meanwhile Pete C was smoothing the way past the sewage works on South Junction.

The youngsters were in attendance using the test track. At the seance they requested a juniors layout; a mixture of narrow gauge/standard gauge was proposed on a military type theme.  Paul R has volunteered to take this in hand.

The Gauge O Guild publication ‘Inspirational Layouts’ contained not only Albion Quarry, which was not a surprise, but also The Summit.  A copy will be retained for the library.

Our open day was discussed, Dave S has been tasked with co-ordinating the day.  Please see his e-mail on the subject.  James H will be bringing something automated.

James H’s new shop at Bowdens Farm Hambridge is currently being stocked.  The grand opening Day is 11/12 June.  Gas Works has been requested as an attraction, and it will also be paying a visit to the Hornby RCA exhibition at  the Methodist church hall Preston Road on September 24th – will a third rail will be needed?  Welton Down will be out on tour to Mere 18-19th June,  Jim would like some help, only those with good eyesight need apply.  Finally there is a model show at Junction Station this weekend.

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