Much has been achieved by club members in April. We have held virtual meetings via Zoom, and there has been much socially distanced railway modelling with some of the highlights below.

The GT3 gained some novel home made split axles using two very different methods. This enabled it to be run for the very first time as captured on this video.

There was some serious progress on the Deeley 990 which gained cab, chimney and dome, until some real actual work turned up for the builder just as many other people were being furloughed.

The dome was quite easily turned but is close to the limit of what a Peatol lathe can do, since for 0 Gauge at least it starts out as 1″ bar. Fly cutting and filing the bottom part to flare it all in was the hardest bit – Dave had never tried fly cutting before, but found it easier than he thought it would be.  The chimney was more complicated to turn but not such hard work, it required Dave to make a boring tool which for some reason his partner found very funny….

There has been huge progress on the farm bridge for Evercreech New. The main and centre girders for the farm bridge have been 3D printed complete with the stanchions for walkway and railings.

The brick built piers complete with the V irons to hold the end bricks of the capping on, have been designed and 3D printed too. Once all this is installed just painting to do to complete the farm bridge!

For Heyno Junction some test pieces for two of the types of diagonal bracing needed for the girder bridge were drawn up and printed to get some idea of what will be possible. In total there are three basic types of diagonal, and three basic types of vertical struts!

With the nice weather the Pines Express was photographed in action in Simon’s garden.

On Gary’s garden railway the fine weather got the photographers out to record the constant stream of Royal Mail trains required to handle the increase in mail order with lockdown in place.

Further impressive lighting effects have been created for Holly Junction – the houses are lived in, and not just by spiders!

A splendid new signal and lots of lovely arty photographs of Kingsferry have been circulating via e-mail. To see them all you will need to become a member and join our rejuvenated e-mail distribution list.

A whole new page on the website showcasing Bob’s musings on matters modelling. Some excellent downloads covering various facets of building, loco and wagon construction.

From a Yeovilian whose workbench is currently in Kent comes a super little hand lettered truck with local connections, and the start of a beautifully constructed shunting layout that will feature many realistic, but subtle changes in level.

To finish an impressive attempt to combine outdoor exercise, high class heron hospitality and model railways. Note the fine brick built viaduct with terracotta arch detail.


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