Huge progress was made earlier in the month on Prestleigh Viaduct and the new scenery boards for Evercreech New.  The updated layout page with further pictures can be found here.


In what are proving to be ‘interesting times’ our safely spread out members have been busily enhancing their mental well-being with a bit of railway modelling.  It goes without saying that our planned Open Day in July has been postponed.  To illustrate what is proving to be a productive period for the membership there follows a selection of photos from my e-mail inbox:

Progress on the 7mm GT3 for Bob Alderman showing the chassis laser cut from MDF with brass hornblocks being fitted:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A beautiful scratchbuilt Midland Deeley 4-4-0 taking shape – nothing even remotely wonky on this model!


A GWR Diag N6 horse box emerging from a box it will never fit back into.


An LMS coach completing a rake of coaches for a Manchester train from Kingsferry.

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Early days for a 7mm Peco Toad.


Some seriously balmy weather encouraging some members out into the garden, but probably not a lot further.


Many of our members are busy in their gardens and I’ll finish with a seasonal photo of a home made propagator basking in the glorious Spring sunshine – perhaps looking for its next meal?!SRS_2020-03-23_344




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