EN_IMG_0840Sausages!  We are always amazed at the fund of (an adjective escapes us here) knowledge that the members of the Yeovil Model Railway Group have and can conjure up at a moments notice to enlighten the inexhaustible quest for  knowledge of the rest of the membership!


So what happened to the delicious Palethorpes?  In 1969 the company was bought by the Bibby Group who sold it on to Haverhill Meat Products which then became part of Northern Foods.  It was then passed on to an outfit called Vision Capital. The various owners stopped using the Palethorpes name in 1986.  The vans will be run with some horse boxes to add a little levity.

It appears to be the cork laying season in CS2.  Both Heyno Junction and the N gaugers (NGs) are at it.  Simon will be looking for volunteers to assist him with the corking of Heyno Junction.  It must be British Summer Time at last as the NGers have come out of hibernation from the workshop and set up two of their boards at the end of the main room!

And so to Evercreech New.  Prestleigh Viaduct continues to be clad and some gravity defying shots show the progress being made.   Pictures show use of laser etched card (blue) and MDF, also Slaters stone and brick sheets.

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With 13 weeks to Open Day we need to get the track laid on the new boards soonest so we can at least run trains, oh, as well as continuing with cladding and Pecking Mill arch generation.

Finally some of the terra-forming that’s been going on at the Pecking Mill end of the layout.  Those of the membership who know Douglas will see him at the back of the last two pictures.

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