We had two visitors at CS2 last week, a friend of John M’s – and a visitor called John.  John the visitor has just bought an EM gauge layout, came across to see what we are about and gave us a hand in furniture rearrangement.  Good man.  The re-arrangements included moving the shelving and wood at the end of CS2. Once that was done half of Heyno Junction (HeJ) was moved to give an extra bit of space for the as yet unmade boards to fit into.  Other re-arrangements were made at the library end where some of the library cupboards were moved to the side of CS2 so that a re-invogorated Gas Works (GW) can occupy the vacated space.

Before GW is erected a bit of fettling is needed.  To start with GW is going to get dowel locators between the base boards after 24 years of existence; you can’t rush these sort of things.  Extra strengthening was applied to GW to take the dowels.  The dowels were reclaimed from a previous layout.   The building by the foundry on the smallest baseboard was removed to make the fan work again. GW_IMG_9635

It appears that a drive band had broken – this we believe should be an easy fix.

The N gaugers continue to make progress on Mondays in the workshop.  Be tactful and don’t mention the dropped base board!

Further work on EN in the last few weeks saw the completion of the joining of the two smaller boards by the addition of side panels.  When the water cut track-beds were tried in position it was felt that a slight realignment of the track would enhance the appearance of EN.  We will see what is needed to achieve that end.  The structures on EN were commissioned from Allan Downes and the goods shed has been receiving some much needed TLC from a highly qualified professional away from CS2.


On South Junction trains were running.  A Drummond Black Motor was hauling an excursion that included one of the lovely Hornby ex-LSWR non-corridor coaches as rebuilt by the Southern Railway on longer (and wider) Maunsell underframes (see top).  This loco probably started life as an etched brass Jidenco kit that has had a new Perseverance EM gauge chassis fitted to loco and tender together with a more robust chimney – more details here.   Also taking its first ever turn under its own power was a Rebuilt River U Class (sans tender). This engine is a long running project and work in progress; originating as a DJH kit with an etched SE-Finecast chassis with a wholly scratchbuilt nickel silver running plate and cab.

There are six private layouts in CS2 and to inaugurate the new modelling season a quick review of them follows for those not familiar with them.

Halsdon Road (HR) – Owned by Gary.  This is a modern image 7mm O gauge layout that is under modification at the moment. It has analogue control. Gary will be a more regular attendee after he retires at the end of October. Gary occasionally needs assistance with HR, please offer it to him when appropriate.

Holly Junction (HoJ) – This is a 4mm OO gauge layout with DCC control that has been extended and has developed quickly over the past year.  Julian can be seen fettling away below.HoJ_IMG_9631

Yeovil Town (YT) – As YT has its own website we will not duplicate information here. Use the link www.ymrg.co.uk to get information on YT.   Please note that the “ymrg” referred to in the link refers to ‘Yeovil Model Railway Gazette’.

Hobson’s Choice Brewery – Owner Bob A.  This 7mm O gauge layout has only recently taken residence in CS2.  As Bob is unable to model now, a few members are assisting in its construction under his watchful eye.


St Martin’s Wharf – Another 7mm O gauge layout with analogue control. This layout was previously owned and made by Bob A.   Tim has taken it on and is actively getting invites to exhibitions with it.  This layout is appearing at Uckfield this weekend.

Hornby-Dublo 3 Rail – Finally lurking at the end of CS2 is our chairman’s 6′ x 4′ Hornby-Dublo 3 rail layout.  He’s had it since his Dad made this relic for him in 1955.  It still works and only needs 2 wires from each controller to run trains.  Bit like DCC operation*! 😉

*Note:  this may well be one of our Chairman’s stranger fancies, though there is some evidence for us to believe it’s not alone.

Lastly, at very short notice we’ve been asked to fill in at Taunton Rail-Ex on the weekend of the 27/28th October.  This will be a chance to see both Gas Works and St Martin’s Wharf at an excellent local show at a lovely venue with excellent catering.  I’m informed that YMRG members clothed in our dashing corporate wear will have free access to the show, but not the food.  😦




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