We achieved a lot this week.  The week started with the sky and lights being removed from The Summit (TS) ready for the Weds session. Today the front scenic part of TS was removed and stored in stillages.  Two of the new base boards for Evercreech New (EN) were then brought down from their construction site and joined to the left hand end of TS’s fiddle yard.  Five boards of EN were then joined to the new boards before the other new boards were inserted to complete the circuit.  The featured image shows the end result.  We’ve already joined the two smaller new boards to make one and now need strengthening with deeper sides.  Once that is done work can recommence baseboard construction on Heyno Junction while EN’s track bed is being sorted.

SJ_IMG_9574Gary’s layout Haldon Road was moved to somewhere much drier than before.  The Junior layouts and Ratcliffe Street moved into the space vacated leaving a gap where the water comes in.  Haldon Road can be glimpsed in its new position next to South Junction which is being re-erected after a successful visit to SedgeRail 2018.


Next up is the tender chassis for Bob A’s 0 Gauge GT3 loco. Yes, it’s made out of laser cut MDF.  It’s a trial for the process to see if it works. The loco chassis is next so watch this space.


Gas Works will be at the WSR Autumn Gala on 28-30th September, so please come along to Bishops Lydeard and say hello.

Thanks to everybody in CS2 on Weds for helping with the moves.  A true club atmosphere – long may it continue.  There’s lots still to do in CS2 and the modelling season is upon us so don’t be shy in coming forward to get stuck in.


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