6th September 2017

Gas Works had a successful visit to Sedgerail 2017 at Burnham where we had an enjoyable time.  The author particularly liked the layout of Midford shown by the Shepton Model Railway Society – a really good example of a railway flowing through plenty of nicely detailed countryside.

Lots going on in the clubroom as always each Wednesday.  The permanent way train for The Summit has been enhanced with an extra four wagons collected from Telford – these are (I’m told) the empty catfish and dogfish in the picture.

TT PW Train

Construction of Ayno Junction continues, and the CAD drawings for Prestleigh Viaduct are well advanced.   South Junction is being made ready for its trip to Taunton with the new lightweight LED lighting now installed and working complete with a section of ‘cloud cover’.   It’s a while since the layout has been out so the next task is to take the layout down, load it into the stillages, and to re-assemble it in the clubroom.

SJ ExpoEM 1982 (1)

The layout’s very first public appearance was at Expo EM SouthWest at Taunton in 1982.  It’s in an unfinished state apparently to encourage the viewer, and it’s perhaps interesting to reflect that we’ve only just got round to making some of the signals work!

SJ ExpoEM 1982 (2)

Also captured at the exhibition was a very modern image train crossing the unfinished viaduct being very closely watched, by what I think we can assume is an admirer!


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