Open Day – 15th July 2017

YMRG Open Day 2017 001aYMRG had another very successful Open Day with increased takings largely due to the well supported raffle.   The refreshments were excellent, and we had sixteen layouts in operation.  Our members and the many visitors appeared to have an enjoyable time with many favourable comments received.

YMRG Open Day 2017 012a





This is supposed to be a fun and constructive hobby and hopefully the group were again able to demonstrate just how much construction (and fun) there is to be had!




YMRG Open Day 2017 011a

An example of the correct application of rule #1 on the The Summit.

IMG_8285For anyone interested in the full length Lima HST seen on South Junction,  details of the various upgrades carried out so far (and planned) can be found here.


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