It looked a bit like quite a bit got done while our Chairman was on vacation in the Silly Isles, and now he thinks he should stay away for longer periods.  As if…  🙂


Anyway, Gary’s layout, Halsdon Road, has its extension now with track laying planned for next Wednesday.







Holly Junction has been joined up and scenery is progressing




Evercreech New (EN) has its two new 4′ boards ready to join to the new curved boards.  Some of the curved board track bed has been cut by water jet. Very clean cuts from large sheets and no ragged edges.  We’ll use these cut pieces as templates for cutting the bases under the viaduct and bridge.

EN needs to be moved very slightly to enable the Pecking Mill boards to be joined to EN and the ‘The Summit’ fiddle yard.  All hands to help do that please when asked.



We had a full committee meeting this week. I’m sure the minutes will circulated soon. But here is a short heads up of what was discussed.  General tidying and cleaning will start on Weds.  Hoovers will be looked at to ensure they are serviceable i.e. they have “not full” bags in them.  It’s best to hoover up the dust etc rather than use a brush that only spreads the dust over the layouts. The brambles need to be moved from the side of CS2.   As members may have read in an email, grouting of the floor level concrete blocks has had an effect.  The flood has not re-appeared – result!




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