1st February 2017

The Summit fiddle yard has been erected with a view to attaching Evercreech New as an alternative front.  There is a quite a gap and a considerable height difference at both ends of Evercreech New.  It seems that there is nearly enough room for Prestleigh viaduct providing much food for thought…   Whilst the new connecting boards are designed and built The Summit running lines will be restored so that we can play trains again!

Work on the scenics for Holly Junction continues apace.  A new building appeared yesterday so another light and oil drum fire will be needed.   Meanwhile JL ballasted away ’til he lost the will!

The youth section boards were assembled and moved to their new location.  Lots of help and encouragement needed now so that their layout progresses.

South Junction is scheduled to visit Taunton Show in October this year; Peter has e-mailed a substantial to-do list for which he has requested help.  One item is more trees; as Hayno Junction will need lots perhaps a tree making workshop with a Tree Guru is in order; any volunteers?  Other items include extending the backscene and LED lighting to replace the flourescent tubes that were the latest thing when it was first exhibited in the mid-80’s.

The faulty relay on Gas Works has been located and replaced so it can now be put back up on its legs. There is a move to replace the filament lights with cooler LEDS, which will improve operating conditions at summer exhibitions.

Two more Hayno Junction boards have now been built and are on legs. We are now building the board with the flyover in co-ordination with Bob A. This is now coming to a point where the layout needs its permanent home so that the final slightly bespoke boards can be made.  This will require the long-delayed re-organisation of the club room to take place…

Next week is the AGM 8.00 pm.  Do not miss this exciting event!!


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