9th November 2016

This week we finally had Bob A’s big quiz. 25 difficult questions won by esteemed Treasurer/anorak Jim A. Well done!  Bob A has also completed the replacement signal to be located backing onto the bridge.

Work continued in preparation for The Summit trip to Warley NEC at the end of the month.  Each of the eight colour coded stillages used to transport the layout is being assigned to a stillage manager who will be required to wear an appropriate coloured beanie hat.  Two hats have yet to be assigned. Unassigned members to form an orderly queue – just one hat each please.  At the end of play there was still some work to do on two of the stillages.

Ed P and Keith spent some of the evening installing the new trackwork/points on Yeovil Town.  Otherwise we re-organised the workshop so construction of more baseboards for Heyno Junction can commence.  The jig and plans for board Q are in position.


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