27th July 2016

A big tidy up at the back of the shed means that we can now replace the curtains and recommence woodworking on the Heyno Junction boards.

An EMU was seen running around Welton Down continuously for most of the evening without derailment or rearranging itself which proves that layout works best without human interference!!

TS_long_goods_trainATrains also ran on South Junction which features in the current Model Rail magazine, now available in all good newsagents!

Trains also ran on The Summit. It appears the layout needs extending due to the length of our goods trains which can no longer be accommodated in the refuge sidings or fiddle yard!  The point on entry to the fiddle yard left has been sorted by Ed and just needs high-speed testing on all tracks.


The group has very kindly been offered a shed boarded out for a layout and it is hoped that at least some of the boards will be suitable for the new Youth Section layout.

Perhaps the greatest excitement was found on the Hornby-Dublo 3-rail layout which has been in temporary residence at the club for track re-alignment to incorporate a city style station using modified original parts.  Dave S spent most of Wednesday wiring up the GPO mail bag equipment so it cannot be connected incorrectly – we get worse with age you know!

Once connected Dave was (allegedly) seen Morris dancing around the board.  Then much ‘testing’ took place sending the only mail bag to one side of the layout and then back again – what fun!  The HD system must be DIGITAL as it only needs two wires!!


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