A last look back

a_last_look_backAt just on 12 midday today I locked CS1 for the final time. We cleared out the final items and swept up after us. We left the place in a better shape than when we moved in. CS2 is now the club-room and I shall refer to it as such from now on.

It’s been a hectic month. On the 7th Aug most of the members went to see the club-room for the first time. On the 19th I signed the agreement. We were able to gain access and start the clean-up from the 22nd. 29th and we have secured the rear of the building. Sept 4th and we have front doors and electricity installation well under way. Spraying took place over 7/8 Sept. Internal doors installed and the first 3 bays near to electrical completion by the 12th. 18th and the floor is cleaned all power installed on the centre supports. Finally on the 22nd we moved in.

Quite a month. Well done to all for making it all happen.

We now need to take stock of what we have and get rid of any crap, sorry, unwanted items. If we use the end of the club-room by the rear doors as a collection point for these items then a decision can be made as to whether it stays or goes.

The ridge tile needs installing. I don’t think that it’s worth the effort in putting a tarpaulin over the roof. It will soon become permanent! Carpets need to be laid and then layouts re-erected. We have trains to play with and exhibitions to attend. It’s a rosy future.

More keys are being cut and will be available soon. Let me know if you require one. For those who prefer not to have a key we will install the key-safe on the exterior of the building by the feed silo.

Again, thanks to all for the tremendous effort in getting the club-room up and running.

See you all on Wednesday.




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