A new home for some old layouts

Thanks to John Marshall for his time and negotiating skills, we now have a new building for the group and the documents are to be signed shortly.

All hands to the pump now then because we need to clear the building, repair and fit doors, block up windows, paint and fit electrics.

There are several retired members and some will take holidays to help get it ready for the earliest date.  We are all excited because the new building solves many problems and offers far more space.

The existing building is large and we filled half of it with a very large 7mm layout ‘The Summit’ which has inside scenic boards but the outside ones could not be fitted in situ without breaking down the layout.  In the new building we will be able to erect the whole layout and have space for viewing all the way around.

We will also not have to share parking on club nights with others nor mow the grass to be able to park.

The new building is taller which means no more banging of heads! and far more flexibility for putting shelving etc. against the walls.

All together it will be a good move for the group and should help attract new members to the group with the better facilities we will create.

Every cloud has a silver lining…


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