25th October 2017

South Junction at Taunton Rail-Ex in its very own padded cell!

IMG_9194With a huge amount of much appreciated support from members, South Junction had an enjoyable visit to Taunton.  We were made most welcome by the host club, Taunton School being an excellent venue, and the catering was superb.  It was pleasing to hear that numbers were up on last year.   The customary wide variety of trains were run on South Junction with things only occasionally getting out of hand.  The new warm white LED lighting appeared very yellow in the hall and we may revisit the mix of light strips used.  After this rare and exciting outing South Junction was partially re-assembled in a slightly different position in CS2.  To enable this to happen Yeovil Town was moved towards The Summit.



Yeovil Town is now assembled after some of the  layout boards were taken away for work and PaulH will now be spending much of his time in CS2 to get this fully automated layout working.

IMG_9196The new extension boards for Holly Junction have appeared and are residing inside the layout.




The new Evercreech New baseboards continue to progress.  Two diagonals have been installed and trimmed to size.  Note that we are going to put two further diagonals in place (one is behind the glue tube) to help stiffen up the structure.  A method of transportation was also discussed.  This involves being able to rotate the board onto its edge to save space in the van.  More on this when the idea develops.


18th October 2017

Lots of people around with the car park very full.    On The Summit normal service was restored last week with kettles dominating, although JohnM’s Turbomotive seemed to have running issues.

Heyno Junction: another board was completed and attached, they are starting to become bespoke now so taking a little longer to make but the end is in sight.

IMG_9192This week the first of the very large boards connecting Evercreech New to The Summit fiddle yard was started – and as it’s roughly the size of a car it will need its own parking space!   One of these boards is destined to carry our take on the  eleven arch Prestleigh Viaduct.


Hamish was experiencing the ‘fun’ of freehand ballasting with N gauge Ballast, join the club!   The N gauge dept put together two more boards, this is going to be a long layout for tiny wheels!

Last week SJ was getting a final dust down and gremlins rectified.  The tower damaged in the previous weeks storm has been repaired.  A need for spare hand held controllers was identified and two have been kindly donated by Jim and converted from 4 pin DIN to 5 pin DIN.  Oddly GasWorks is 6 pin DIN so we couldn’t borrow those two controllers until we standardise on 6 pin DINs for South Junction.


Last week SteveS test ran his Kernow/Bachmann 4TC, probably the first in EM gauge.

Initially with a fake green Class 33/0 and ‘virtual’ jumper leads and then this week with a bagpipe fitted and heavily weighted (but still very slippery) Lima Class 73 on its long awaited 13mm Ultrascale nickel silver wheels.

So are those underframes brown under all that grime?

The backscene at the town end has gained a stormy hue, and was test fitted before the weathered 4TC was photographed and the layout fully dismantled and packed away ready for a busy and exciting weekend at Taunton Rail-ex – all help gratefully received.  Don’t forget your corporate clothing and Yeovil MRG membership card to gain entry.

All packed up and ready to roll!

The minutes of the last committee meeting have been signed off and are available to read in the foyer. Also posted are two Exhibition availability sheets. So if you wish to be involved with taking/operating layouts at exhibitions but have been too shy to ask, please sign up, we can never have too many volunteers! A proper notice board has been ordered.

4th October 2017

Lots going on again in CS2, and another new member!

South Junction was systematically taken down and packed away in stillages and boxes and then re-erected as a test for its rapidly approaching visit to Taunton Rail-Ex.   Just before 10pm a tank engine made its way cautiously round the layout.  Track joints require adjustment, one of the many point motors needs attention, and one of the controllers is playing up.   Thanks to the many members who turned up to help!

SJ_2017-09-20_22-15-52_62In preparation for the exhibition South Junction has gained a signal box for the Canal Junction that has been long planned but only recently executed and  in considerable style.  Here it is in the process of being planted in South Junction’s otherwise verdant landscaping.




SJ_2017-09-20_22-16-45_713The wood yard on South Junction has also recently gained facilities that CS2 sadly lacks.  Not an army, but staff loos based on those at Yandles.  Previously the workers would have walked to the other end of the layout where the garage is fully equipped!



TS_HST_IMG_0536Last week Hornby Magazine turned up for a photo shoot on The Summit.  However timing is everything and this week they missed an HST powered from both ends and with lights.  A sight so captivating for some that work nearly stopped on South Junction for a while.   Working well in both directions it was even hand signalled over the crossover in front of the signal box.  On the inner loop it turns out that there is not quite enough clearance for modern 70′ coaches resulting in the occasional derailment.
The N Gauge group have got stuck into base board construction so now have four boards ready for finishing..  On Holly Junction scenic work continues to progress, and space has been found for the layout to be extended to add further scenery and to grow the fiddle yard.

A delivery of plywood was received just before the timely arrival of the ice cream van.  Baseboard construction continued on Heyno Junction and significantly strips of plywood were cut ready to start the build for the new boards that will join Evercreech New to The Summit fiddle yard.