27th April 2016

This week Gary was able to attend for the first time for a while. As can be seen some of his modern day stock made an excursion from Halsdon Road to run through the Pennines, nothing unusual, and good to see. He also bought with him some redundant picture boards to be used in the club room.

The welding up of the leg frames for Heyno Junction (HJ) has been completed. Two have had adjustable feet attached, as a template for the rest. The legs will be completed next Wednesday. Then we can sort out their attachments to the boards.
In the HJ workshop board H had its track bed fitted and board G constructed ready for track bed. All these boards now need putting together and on legs so the removable section of fiddle yard can be made.

We have been invited to take Gas Works to the opening of James’ new shop at Hambridge, near the smokery, on 11/12 June 2016. The address is:

DCC Train Automation,

Unit 4 The Courtyard, Bowdens Farm, Hambridge, Somerset, TA10 0BP

On Wednesday we were visited by a possible new member, Paul who models at both extremes, 15 inch and 2mm Fine scale, Hopefully he will pay us further visits as he seemed keen to get involved.

Partial automatic semaphore and colour light signalling using servos controlled from the pointwork setting is now up and running in both directions on South Junction and very good it looks too.  Peter C was still busy with circuit testers but he assured me only to put together a circuit diagram for future reference.

Epsom Show 23/24April 2016

Bob Alderman’s latest creation, St Martin’s Wharf, made its début at the Epsom show at the weekend where it was well received. There are a few operating items to sort out and other than that it ran well for its first outing. Thanks to Graham and Peter Beare for their help at the show and Jim with loading.


20th April 2016

Another constructive evening for Heyno Junction. Board G now largely complete just the ‘Y’ shaped track bed to fit and fettle. This has now been cut out by Keith this afternoon, a bit of a relief if truth be known.  Dave S has begun putting together a jig for the construction of all the legs.

The remaining books/kits/and models from John M have now gone so we now have more space.
Bob A has packed away his new layout and is now off to be exhibited. Dave S promised not to take his class 40 along this time!!
Paul R was in for a while working on his diesel depot as was John L fettling Holly Junction.

Work continues on Evercreech New with the assembling of servos by James of DCC Train Automation (www.dcctrainautomation.co.uk). The servos will activate the signals and points so the layout will again become a runner albeit for shunting only for the time being.

The youth team were in again this evening running trains on MIRA Roads. They need something else to do until they can help on Heyno Junction. Perhaps they could put Gasworks through its paces?

6th April 2016

Wednesday evening saw a momentous event; the first three boards built for Heyno Junction were fitted together.  Yes although cut and built from plans they fitted perfectly without need for any real fettling!  A real achievement!!  Dave S has now ordered the leg kits and once they are constructed the layout will be free standing,  we will then be able to build more boards starting with the complex board J, which will be a challenge!  Progress at last.

It was good to see some younger visitors running a Warship with coaches on Mira road, they seem to be enjoying themselves.
A couple of Virgins were seen on Holly Junction, one with a large overhang which skimmed a bridge parapet, maybe she needs to trim down??
Bob A continues to work on his new impressively detailed layout this time without a railtour in sight.
There were two visitors during the during the afternoon who viewed the layouts with interest particularly the freight train on summit.  They are potential new members, more are always welcome!  A good attendance this week with 24 members in to Play trains and other activities.  I must bring in something to play with on Gas works  it needs a work up before open Day.
I am away next week, I will not be’ Stuck’ abroad like our chairman so see you in two weeks. Keep up the good work!!